Products & Sizing

What products are available to customise?
We offer three collections with an extensive range or triwear, cyclewear, swimwear, run apparel and leisurewear covering you for all seasons.

What sizes do you offer?
For both men and women, we offer XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL. Our Aeroforce-X is also available in made to measure and 3D scan bespoke fit options.

How do we ensure we order the right sizes?
We will provide sizing samples for any desired products in our Active+ range to allow club members to try on. These samples require a deposit which is refund when returned.

Our Aeroforce-X range has comprehensive size guides and the option to have our Aeroforce-X Trisuit custom made to your bespoke measurements.

Do you offer men’s and women’s version on all products?
Yes, all products available for customisation come in a full range of men’s and women’s sizes. 


What if I want to cancel my order?
You can change your mind up to the point your order window closes.

How long will it take?
Our Active+ range will be delivered to your club or team representative in 8-10 weeks of your order window closing on your club page. Our Aeroforce-X and Zone3+ collection will be delivered directly to you within 28 days.

How do order windows work?
We will open a two-week order window for your members to order their kit from our Active+ range. We will then confirm the final order numbers with the club contact before passing your orders to our manufacturing partners.

Can custom items be returned?
We are unable to accept returns on custom items.

Can we order the Aeroforce-X at any time? 
Yes! Anything from our Aeroforce-X and Zone3+ collection can be ordered at absolutely any time and will be delivered within 4 weeks.


Are there any set-up or design fees? 
No! We do not charge a set-up or design fee.

How much does it cost?
Get in touch with us to register your interest and we can set up your club pages with pricing per product.

How much does shipping cost?
Nothing – it’s all included in our service to you.

When do we pay? 
Each of your club members orders and pays for their own kit directly.


Does the minimum order quantity have to consist of all the same product?
We need 10 pieces per style and 3 styles to get you up and running. This can be across sizes. Repeat orders are then at a lower level.

Are there no minimum order on the Aeroforce-X? 
Correct! Just need the one? Then that’s all you have to order with no additional surcharge or minimum order quantities. Same goes for everything in our Zone3+ range too.