Elite Full Zip Short Sleeve Trisuit


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Designed for long distance triathlons our Full Zip Short Sleeve Trisuit offers uncompromised performance across all three disciplines. Thoroughly researched and expertly crafted ergonomic panels offer balanced compression, temperature regulation and high-level aerodynamics for superior endurance, comfort and speed. A low-profile pad offers supreme comfort in the saddle and no restriction when swimming or running. 

 Key performance features 

  • Full Zip allows the trisuit to fully open at the front. 
  • Highly aerodynamic fabrics reduce drag and increase speed. 
  • Premium quick-drying, hydrophobic fabrics ensure maximum comfort and water repellence throughout the race. 
  • Ergonomic panel design, fit and fabric offer optimum temperature control. 
  • Low profile pad with a targeted foam structure ensures comfort on the bike, quick drainage after the swim and becomes unnoticeable on the run.  
  • Leg grippers prevent your suit from riding up or bunching. 
  • Extremely breathable and sweat wicking for maximum comfort. 
  • Incredibly lightweight whilst still offering high durability and 50+ UPF protection. 
  • 360° stretch for total freedom of movement. 
  • Balanced Compression through the legs thanks to ergonomically designed panels improves muscle support and helps to increase the blood flow away from the legs. This reduces the amount of lactic acid build up to improve endurance and stamina. 
  • Heat Bonded Sleeves offer reduced drag compared to stitching. 
  • Flat-locked stitching offers maximum durability as well as minimum discomfort against the skin. 
  • Two nutrition storage pockets to allow for gels to be stored and easily accessed whilst on the bike or running.  
  • Total Zip protection: Soft fabrics are used to cover the inside of the zipper and a ‘fold over’ cover combines to minimise any discomfort from the zip on the chest. 

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